James Scott Bell Intensive - May 19, 2022

This is an ONLINE only special event. You can include it in a three-day renewal conference package or register for it as a one-day event.

James Scott Bell


6-hour intensive

It's time to put your manuscript or idea through its paces!

That's because competent fiction is not enough in today's expanding market. We have to write books that are not merely good. They have to be unforgettable.

In this six-hour session James Scott Bell will guide you through deepening and widening your book in a way that will attract readers and make more fans. You'll learn things like:

      • What any plot needs to be about
      • How to turn structure into translation software for your imagination
      • The 7 keys to unforgettable characters
      • Supercharging scenes
      • The breakthrough secret of "writing from the middle."

And much more. Come prepared with a project and be ready to do some writing.

Registration Options for this Event are...

Option 1: All Inclusive (This event is part of a three-day NCWA Renewal event package)

Option 2: This Event Only (You do not plan on participating in the rest of the renewal conference)

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