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Northwest Christian Writers Renewal with Bill Myers

May 56, 2017  -  Westminster Chapel, Bellevue, Washington

Linda S. Glaz - Hartline Literary Agency

What Linda is looking for: A great romance, either contemporary, suspense, or historic. “I don’t connect with a lot of nonfiction, but would always be happy to have peek. And any other genre, if well-written, will certainly get my notice. Well-written…well-written…well-written. I’m not choosy as long as it’s…well-written. The most important thing being whether or not I have a place I can take it to. Just because I say no doesn't mean it isn't a great work!

NOT looking for children’s; also no hard copies, please, and no works that include any graphic sexuality or profanity.

Bill Jensen - William K Jensen Literary Agency

What Bill is looking for: Most types of Christian books, including Christian living, devotional, marriage, family life, apologetics, biography, gift books, cookbooks, prophecy, humor, health, inspirational, political, social issues, women’s issues, men’s issues and adult fiction.

NOT looking for science fiction, fantasy, or youth.

Alice Crider - David C Cook 

 What Alice is looking for: Nonfiction projects that promote discipleship and include transformative content. These could include Bible Study, Devotional, Christian Living, Marriage, Parenting (specifically on parenting Generation Z), Grandparenting resources, Small Group resources.

NOT looking for fiction, poetry, memoir, YA, children’s books, coloring books.

Terry Glaspey - Harvest House Publishers

What Terry is looking for: Well-written books from a biblical perspective on practical issues of life and faith, especially by authors with a significant or growing platform. Genres include Christian living, women’s books, psychology and counseling, men’s books, apologetics, and popular reference titles.


NOT looking for fiction, poetry, memoir/autobiography, academic books, Bible studies, children’s books.

Courtney Lasater - Keys for Kids

What Courtney is looking for: Devotions for kids ages 6 to 12 with a strong biblical message, children’s or family activity ideas; nonfiction books or web content for children, teens, and/or parents; Bible studies for children/teens. Devotions must follow a specific format, as explained in their guidelines.

NOT looking for picture books, children’s/teen/adult novels, adult nonfiction books (other than parenting).

Ben Wolf - The Splickety Publishing Group

What Ben is looking for: Flash-fiction stories--concise, poignant fiction between 300 and 1,000 words--that fit one of the magazines' scheduled upcoming themes.

NOT looking for: previously published flash fiction; scenes or excerpts or synopses from novels; excessive violence, profanity, or erotica in any form; and no thinly veiled stories that preach from a soapbox of any sort--political, religious, or other. Additional submission guidelines are available on Splickety's website.

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Thank you for helping us make this a fragrance-free event out of respect for those who have chemical sensitivities.

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